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online Cleanse

3 DAY SEXi Juicing

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What You Receive:

  • 3 day juice cleansing program with detailed instructions

  • Video Tutorials

  • Access to Dr. Etti's curated SEXi music playlist to enhance your cleanse experience

  • One 60-minute consultation with Dr. Etti 

  • Continued support and community connection through the WhatsApp group (priceless)

Day 1: Pre-Cleanse Prep Introduction to the program and welcome email from Dr. Etti Pre-cleanse preparation guidelines and tips Guided meditation to set intentions for the cleanse Access to the WhatsApp group community for support and encouragement Discount code for supplements to support your cleanse journey

Day 2: Cleanse Day 1 Morning: Start your day with a refreshing green juice recipe Mid-Morning: Journaling prompt to reflect on your cleansing experience so far Afternoon: Enjoy a nourishing beetroot-based juice for lunch Evening: Wind down with a calming herbal tea Daily yoga pose recommendation to enhance detoxification Email from Dr. Etti with encouragement and guidance for the day

Day 3: Cleanse Day 2 Morning: Energize your day with juice recipe Mid-Morning: Journaling prompt to explore your feelings and experiences during the cleanse Afternoon: Recharge with a vibrant juice Evening: Relax with a soothing juice Daily yoga pose recommendation for grounding and centering Email from Dr. Etti with tips for staying motivated and committed to the cleanse

Day 4: Cleanse Day 3 Morning: Boost your immunity with a vitamin-packed juice Mid-Morning: Journaling prompt to reflect on your overall cleanse experience and set intentions for post-cleanse Afternoon: Indulge in a juice for a satisfying midday treat Evening: Celebrate the completion of your cleanse with a delicious juice Daily yoga pose recommendation for rejuvenation and relaxation Final email from Dr. Etti with congratulations and guidance for transitioning out of the cleanse


C. Farnsworth

“I am a new woman after Sexi Juicing, both inside and out...breathing deeply and feeling so alive...I am SO grateful for all that you contribute to making your community a very much healthier, and therefore better, place.”
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