1. I didn’t know…Fasting has nothing to do with dieting:

Fasting is simply a way to provide rest and rejuvenation for the body.  As soon as you stop putting toxins in your body and give your body rest from the digestive process by consuming vital, pure juices, the body starts doing what it does best – healing. You experience all sensations—light, sound, smells, sight, taste—with a very heightened awareness and clarity, through which regular diets cannot achieve.  As one of my “SEXi Juicers” put, “The most surprising thing I felt after the fast was this immeasurable sense of well-being and energy flowing through my body.” ~Dr. Etti

2. I didn’t know…Fasting does not = “Not Eating”

It is a common misconception that fasting is a painful process.  People tend to believe that fasting is “not eating” which is a fallacy, because fasting has many forms. The juice fasting is a liquid form of nutrition that is vital and nourishing for the body but at the same time does not require any digestive energy. Your body is well and sufficiently nourished during the juice fast; and you never feel like you are starving.

3. I didn’t know…Cleansing your body of toxins helps more than just your body:

Sure, fasting eliminates aches and pains, chronic diseases, constant fatigue, low energy, sugar cravings, coffee and smoking addictions, farbromalgia; it controls weight/obese problems, stress, and depression.  You will sleep better, wake up happier and full of energy, and be free from the cravings and addictions without even trying. But beyond these benefits fasting has for your physical body, it is also an emotional journey. The power in completing a fast is inspiring and life changing. You are filled with pride and elation and a sense of power at your own accomplishment.  Love for others and self can deepen through the fast.  

4. I didn’t know…Therapy doesn’t have to involve lying on a couch: 

Most people who participated in Dr. Etti’s juice fast program are burdened by the stress of daily life, work, family, relationship, etc. They might experience disease whether being physical, emotional or spiritual due to the stressors; or are just seeking guidance, inspiration and empowerment.  Most individuals complain of lack of energy, weight gain, inability to focus and/or mood swings. The juice fast offers these people the opportunity to renew, rejuvenate and recharge. It’s a way to open a new blank page and start all over again—stronger, self-empowered and equipped with cutting-edge nutritional info.  Juice fast is a therapeutic and self healing process to discover and reconnect with yourself; to let go of the blocked emotions. You feel liberated and empowered thus have positive outlook on you, others, and life.

5. I didn’t know…Cleansing experience can lead to sustainable lifestyle change

The cleansing experience is a great jumping board to a better, healthier lifestyle.  The “knowing” of what it really means to be healthy keeps you motivated to make the necessary changes.  Once the  fast is over, you will make changes that may seem small, but in the long run become monumental changes that will improve your overall well-being and health.



Dr. Etti is a juice-cleanse expert, a holistic nutritionist, a teacher, a healer, a lifestyle artist, an alchemist and a healer. She offers a total health experience through her personalized detox programs, the "SEXi Juicing" program.