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7 DAY Group Cleanse Guided Virtual program by Dr Etti

7 DAY SEXi Juicing

7 Day Juice Cleanse


Dr. Etti's private one-on-one juice cleansing program offers a comprehensive approach to detoxification and personal growth over a 7-day period.


Here's what you can expect to receive:

Program Components

  • 7-Day Juice Cleansing Program

  • Juices, Smoothies, and Food: You'll be provided with a detailed recipes that includes a variety of juices, smoothies, and specific foods designed to cleanse and nourish your body.

  • Guidance and Support

  • Daily 60 -Minute virtual sessions: Each day, you'll have a 60-minute virtual session with Dr. Etti, offering guidance and support to your cleanse. 60-minute private consultation with Dr. Etti at a discounted rate ($400 value)

  • Video Tutorials: These tutorials will provide instructions and insights into the cleansing process, helping you understand and maximize the benefits.

  • Recorded Meditation: To aid in relaxation and mindfulness, you'll receive a recorded meditation designed to support your mental and emotional well-being throughout the cleanse.

  • Additional Resources

  • Sexi Juicing Book download: This book provides detailed information on juicing, recipes, and the principles behind the cleanse.

  • Access to Sexi Juicing WhatsApp Community: This community offers a platform to connect with others undergoing the cleanse, share experiences, and gain additional support.

  • Exclusive Discounts on Supplements: You'll receive discounts on supplements that can help support your ongoing health and wellness post-cleanse.

  • Sexi Music Playlist: A curated music playlist is provided to inspire and motivate you during the cleanse.

  • Benefits

  • The cleanse aims to help you break away from old habits and shed physical, emotional, and spiritual toxins. By combining nutritional guidance with mindfulness practices and personalized support, the program seeks to promote overall well-being and a renewed sense of vitality.

Terms and Conditions

Be sure to enable 'pop ups' for this site to access the portal.

Day 1: Pre-Cleanse Prep & Kickoff Preparing mentally and physically for the journey ahead Introduction to Sexi Juicing principles and program overview Setting intentions for the week ahead Q&A session to address any concerns or questions

Day 2: Awakening Your Body & Mind Morning authentic movement session to awaken the body Lecture on the benefits of juicing for health and vitality Sharing circle to discuss experiences and insights Journaling prompts to reflect on personal growth and intentions

Day 3: Nourishing Your Soul with Juices Daily juice recipe demonstration and tasting Lecture on the nutritional value of different fruits and vegetables Sharing circle to discuss juice experiences and challenges Journaling prompts to explore emotions and sensations during the cleanse

Day 4: Yoga & Juicing Fusion Gentle yoga session to stretch and strengthen the body Lecture on the connection between yoga and juicing for holistic wellness Sharing circle to share yoga and juicing experiences Journaling prompts to deepen self-awareness and mindfulness

Day 5: Deep Dive into Detoxification Lecture on the detoxification process and its impact on health Q&A session to address common detox symptoms and concerns Sharing circle to discuss detox experiences and insights Journaling prompts to reflect on detox journey and progress

Day 6: Wellness Check-In & Celebration Guided meditation for relaxation and stress relief Wellness check-in to assess progress and goals Celebration of achievements and milestones Journaling prompts to express gratitude and celebrate successes

Day 7: Integration & Moving Forward Reflection on the juicing journey and lessons learned Planning for post-cleanse integration and continued wellness Final Q&A session to address lingering questions and concerns Closing circle to express gratitude and support for one another


C. Farnsworth

“I am a new woman after Sexi Juicing, both inside and out...breathing deeply and feeling so alive...I am SO grateful for all that you contribute to making your community a very much healthier, and therefore better, place.”
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