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3 DAYS - SEXi Juicing Cleanse

  • 3Days
  • 19Steps


A juicing cleanse is a process that enables your body, your mind and your soul to purge and reset. SEXi Juicing is a guide to the journey into every cell of your body to purge out toxins, emotional baggage or anything that drags you down. It’s a journey towards enlightenment that will create shifts in your life each time you do this SEXi Juicing program. These shifts in consciousness change your perception about yourself, your world and ultimately, your life. My SEXi Juicing program does not advocate deprivation or hardships on any level. It is a process about making small, healthy changes with baby steps. Radical change leads to radical failure. I have found that when my SEXi Juicers make small, positive changes that are attainable, they tend to maintain them over time. Change your mind-set from “no pain, no gain” to “no pain and everything to gain.” You want coffee? No problem! Have Cafix or Teeccino. Want tea? Go for it! Have herbal, caffeine-free tea. Want sugar? Have xylitol, stevia, or palm sugar. Want chocolate? Have some of my Chocopotion Mix (found on the recipe page) Want to chew? Have Xponent 100% sugar free xylitol gum. You can have your cake and not only eat but drink it too! You will understand what thousands of SEXi Juicers feel when they say, “Today is the best SEXi Juicing day ever!”




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