Dr. Etti's One-day Juice Cleanse Group Retreat

In a beautiful and tranquil waterfront setting, a small, intimate group of like-minded people will gather and experience a full day of a guided juice cleanse. Dr. Etti has combined the building blocks of her SEXi Juicing program in this concentrated weekend retreat. Under her guidance, you’ll have an opportunity to renew, rejuvenate and recharge by combining delicious, organic juices and detoxifying beverages, energetic body movements, inspiring conversations and healing meditation.  

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During the 1-Day Group Retreat, you will:

Experience a holistic and effective approach to facilitate weight loss and combat the aging process.

Drink fresh, delicious, and detoxing juices from Dr Smood

Participate in educational session and supportive group activities*

Get a detailed, easy to understand juice cleanse manual, including Pre-Detox, Detox, and Post-Detox information.

Take home a juicy Goodie bag, which includes one to-go juice, body brush and a copy of Dr. Etti’s book: SEXi Juicing


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Reset and “Tune-up” Your Body and Mind

Intro to the art of detoxification.


Juicing— the “Fountain of Youth”

Juicing benefits, demo and recipes.


Move, Dance, Stretch and Flow

Energetic body movement and dance.


Hold on to Your “Source”

Incorporate conscious breathing techniques into your daily life.

Keep Your “Chi” Alive

Shift your energy in five minutes.


Emotional Freedom

Experience a free flow through guided meditation.


Carry a “Tool Box” - Practical tools for everyday healthy living.

Transitioning to a permanent healthy lifestyle.

“It is my passion to create a sanctuary for like-minded people to gather and support each other. My juicing retreat is for those who is ready for a fundamental shift and allow themselves to learn about a healthier and happier way of living.”
— Dr. Etti
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Price: $295

Dr. Etti’s Complete Detox Kit includes supplements and tools that aid your cleanse:

VitalzymeX (Systemic Enzymes Restoration)

Waiora (Natural Cell Defense)

Triphala (Bowel Activity Renewal)

Tongue cleanser

Detox Tea

Price: $85

* Dr. Etti offers a 30-minute one-on-on private session with her during the break time and/or after the Retreat at additional cost of $50 per session on a first-come, first-served basis. You can reserve your session upon registration.

For clients desiring total privacy, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT Dr. Etti's Private Retreat »