Q:What are the real benefits of detox?

Dr. Etti: As soon as you eliminate processed foods (including pasteurized and homogenized dairy), artificial sweeteners, food additives and hydrogenated fats and replace them with vital, organic fruits and vegetables juices, you reap numerous rewards on ALL levels, namely your body, mind and spirit. 

On a physical level, as soon as you allow your body to rest from the digestive process (that takes up to 60 percent of the body’s energy), your body’s natural healing mechanism is kicked into gear and allows metabolic and hormone-disturbing toxins to break down and leave the body. The real benefits are that you are getting back your most precious asset—your health, which means you are free from aches and pains, fatigue and low energy, as well as free from sugar cravings, addiction to alcohol, coffee and smoking. 

Detox also resolves the root of overweight issues, which regular diet cannot resolve, because the “weight of waste”—as I call it—is eliminated, as well as inflammations through the process of detoxification.

I am not an M.D. and cannot make any claims of finding a cure, but I have had many clients who suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diverticulitis, lymph stagnation, etc., come to me for help. ALL of them experienced a tremendous improvement in their health and felt much better after my detox program. 

The benefits are felt on an emotional and psychological level as well: the mind chatter and mood swings clear and an overall sense of well-being and joy resumes. A sense of vitality and rejuvenation opens the doors for growth, empowerment and self-discovery.

Q:How often should one do it?

Dr. Etti: I recommend that my clients detox two to four times a year.

Q:What are the typical reasons people come to see you? And do the juice cleanse?

Dr. Etti: Most people who come to see me are unsatisfied with their lives. They might be experiencing “dis-ease”—physical, emotional or spiritual. They come to me because they are seeking guidance, inspiration and empowerment. Most complain of lack of energy, weight gain, inability to focus, mood swings. Many have relationship issues and are seeking advice. The juice cleanse offers these people an opportunity to renew, rejuvenate and recharge. It is a way to open a new blank page and start all over again. They become stronger, self-empowered and equipped with cutting-edge nutritional information.

Q:Describe the process and what juice cleansing does for the body. What are the visible changes, and what are some of the changes occurring in your body that you may not necessarily see but that are really improving your health?


Dr. Etti: The detoxification process provides rest and rejuvenation for every level of the body. The process is amazing and works very fast. As soon as you stop putting toxins in your body and give your body rest from the digestive process by consuming vital, pure juices the body starts doing what is does best—HEALING. The process is called autolysis, by which our body digests diseased, damaged, sick cells. As toxins leave our body, including our brain, the mind clears, concentration improves, creative thinking expands, depression lifts, insomnia stops and anxieties fade. Skin becomes radiant and smooth, and eyes are clear and alert.

As you activate the life force—chi, prana, shekina—you experience a “high” that comes from within. “High on juices,” as I call it, means you enter a realm of freedom and elevation from drinking the juices and your own body’s and soul’s juices. That’s the best feeling. You want to stay there forever. You feel like an angel floating, and you do not want to come down to earth. It’s pretty addictive—in a good way, though.

Your sense of smell, touch and taste sharpens, and you reawaken to a new reality. You feel vital, strong and healthy, which is the best ANTI-AGING secret.

Q: How did you develop your SEXi Juicing program?

 Dr. Etti: My SEXi Juicing program was created based on my 18 years of diligent research on holistic nutrition and natural health and my expertise on psychotherapy and homeopathic healing. It also came from my life experience confronting my own struggles with weight, health and emotional issues. Combining all of above with the wisdom I have acquired as a mother of four and as a career woman whose personal growth coincides with the enlightenment and self-discovery I have facilitated in others, I perfected the formula for SEXi Juicing over the years.

 Q:What compelled you to study holistic nutrition and psychotherapy?

Dr. Etti: My son was very sick as a baby and doctors did not have a cure. He would get frequent episodes of very high fever, seizures, loss of appetite and low energy, etc. I started my search for answers beyond what conventional medicine had to offer, and he was cured by alternative medicine and homeopathic treatments. Ever since, I decided to make it my life’s mission to guide people through their healing process. He was the catalyst.

Q: Is “SEXi “a typo? Why is it spelled this way?

 Dr. Etti: No, it’s not. I spelled it this way was because my juicing program guides people to get in touch with their vital life force, their own SEXi self. During the past seven years, I have helped many hundreds of people achieve physical and emotional well-being. In the process of helping those people, I discovered what worked like magic was when I encourage them to embrace and respect their own SEXi self. When one experiences total and unconditional self-love and acceptance, he or she finds the “I” in "SEXi" and no longer disconnects from his or her true essence. And it's not only about feeling sexy, but anything is possible from there. The “I” in "SEXi" is my way of helping people acknowledge and embrace who they truly are. "SEXi" is my redefinition of “sexy,” a unique approach to affirming and embracing who you truly are.

Q: Are there any aspects of juice cleansing that are directly related to sex?

Dr. Etti: Absolutely. Men suffering from a low libido will wake up with an erection for the first time in a long time after my juicing program. Women get in touch with their sensual, sexual self. I have couples who come and do the juice cleansing program together. They regain their love and intimacy towards each other. It’s very rewarding for me to see a husband and wife falling in love with each other again after they go through my program together.

Q: What are in the juices people drink during your program?

Dr. Etti: I use 100 percent certified organic vegetables and fruits to make the juices for my clients. The base is always cucumber, which is rich in silica and vitamin C. The first few days I will add celery, which is beneficial in eliminating toxins and high in calcium, potassium and sodium—the most important minerals for regulating fluid balance and stimulating urine production, thus helping rid the body of excess fluid. I add lots of dark leafy greens such as collards, kale and chard. Then I add fruits such as apples, pineapple and pears. I sometimes add a small quantity of carrots and beets, and as a condiment I will add lime and parsley/cilantro. I mix them together and add 1/3 of the quantity in water that I energized by adding special minerals and vortex energy. At the end I put special crystal Himalayan salt, which was hand-cultivated from the Himalayan Mountains. As I sprinkle the salts, I do my MAGIC: I apply energy work while stirring the juice. People often comment that my juices taste totally different than anything they have tried before. I think it's mostly because I put my Vitamin L = Love and Vitamin S = Soul in the juice. Oops, I can’t believe I’m giving away my secret.

All juices are made fresh daily.

 Q: Are there other supplements people take while doing your juicing program?  

 Dr. Etti: Yes, I do encourage people to take the following supplements:

Systemic Enzyme—These are the enzymes that flow throughout our body, producing the desired healing effects. Without enzymes, there is no possibility of life, animals, plants or people. Enzymes are essential for each and every reaction in a living organism.

Zeolites (homeophatic chelation therapy)—They have received a patent by the FDA. I call them the miracle drops. Zeolites are a group of crystallines that are a combination of sea salts and volcanic rock. They are used to capture harmful chemicals and heavy metals and release them in a gentle way from the body. They also help strengthen the immune system.

One important supplement that is not included in the manual or anywhere else is Vitamin I = Inspiration. The SEXi Juicing body cleansing program is inspiring and reawakens your desire for self-discovery to reach your greatest potential.

The most important supplements that SEXi Juicing program participants—whom I call my “SEXi Juicers”—take with them are the simple and effective tools that I give them throughout the seven days. They are the ways to connect to the body, mind and soul through BREATH, as well as simple visualization techniques that are empowering and powerful. These techniques are very important for starting a lifelong transformation process, and they help people learn how to take responsibility for every decision they make and how to make a commitment to the authentic aspects in our lives.