Within the course of a single day, we’re exposed to countless toxins that can take a toll on our health and well-being. Unfortunately, not all toxins are easy to detect: They are hiding in the air that we breathe, in the skin of that shiny, non-organic apple you snacked on, in the flower-scented soap and shampoo you might have showered with this morning, and in the plastic container you used to pack your salad in for lunch. Add to that all the chemicals in the cleaning products and fabrics, plus dyes and perfumes we come in contact with on a regular basis, electromagnetic energy, preservatives, additives, heavy metals, antibiotics and hormones in our diet, and it’s easy to see why detoxification programs are necessary.

We have a storage room in our body where we accumulate a lot of gunk—it’s called the colon. The gunk, if not cleared, gets hard and purifies and gets attached to the colon’s wall. This toxic debris gets absorbed by the body through the blood and goes systemic, throughout our body. As we get older, this metabolic waste gets bigger and bigger and can weigh up to 10 pounds! When the rate of accumulation is greater than the rate of elimination we experience dis-ease. We exhibit many apparent unrelated symptoms, but they are all originated in our “storage room,” our “garbage container”—the COLON. In addition, the metabolic sludge in the colon interferes with absorption of minerals and vitamins.

We harbor a lot of toxins in our colons, which is why we get disease, says Dr. Etti. "These toxins on the colon walls disturb the flow of our bowels so we get a kind of toxemia and repoisoning. It's necessary to eliminate this metabolic debris and look at it, smell it and see the color of it. Smelling putrefied garbage on the street is the same thing. Some people accumulate up to forty pounds of gunk in their colons. Consuming artificial ingredients and processed foods, we lower our enzymes as we get older. The body is programmed to have fresh foods.

By giving our bodies and organs a welcome rest and time to replenish themselves our skin, the largest organ in the body, becomes radiant, our complexion smoother. We regain that glow we had as children. We begin the “Youthing Process” – Your body will actually “digest” toxins and shed them through your waste. It’s a physiological process called autolysis; you lose the weight of waste. It is a purging process of junk and gunk accumulated over many years of eating unhealthy foods.