Dr. Etti's 2-Day Juice Cleanse Private Retreat

Each individual is a unique being with a different body type, temperament and spirituality. The challenges we face in our life vary too: some may need a major tune-up on a physical level, while others might be searching for mental clarity. When a one-size-fit-all cleanse program doesn’t suit your specific needs, Dr. Etti offers you a highly customized private juice cleanse that is entirely based on your own physical, mental and spiritual level, needs and goals. This retreat accommodates both individual and couples, and includes a thorough and in-depth preparation process to facilitate an effective cleanse. Juicing doesn’t get more “tailor-made” than this.

I cherish and respect every step my clients make on their path to greater health and fulfillment. Knowing that I am here as a vehicle for that unique beautiful individual to find his or her special calling and true essence is the most rewarding feeling to me.
— Dr. Etti
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During the 2-day private retreat, you will:

Enjoy one night accommodation at a tranquil waterfront setting (extra night is available with  $200/night additional charge)

Embark on a two-day customized juice cleanse plan entirely based on your individual physical condition/goal, mental wellness and spirituality. 

Receive an one-hour in-depth pre-cleanse assessment

Be guided with emotional preparation and pre-cleanse diet and life style coaching prior to Retreat

Drink fresh, delicious and detoxifying juice, tea and smoothie made fresh by Dr. Etti

 Get a copy of Dr. Etti’s book: SEXi Juicing

Receive Dr. Etti’s Complete Detox Kit includes supplements and tools that aid your cleanse, including VitalzymeX (Systemic Enzymes Restoration), Waiora (Natural Cell Defense), Triphala (Bowel Activity Renewal), Enema Kit, Tongue Cleanser, Detox Tea

Receive holistic healing treatments that facilitate deep cellular drainage and recovery, deeper lymphatic detoxification and restoring proper functioning of the body's immune system defense. Treatments* include Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Therapy, CHI Machine, LBG Machine, Trampochi® Bouncing Routine, Inversions Chair, Vibration Therapy, Breath Work, Meditation and Energy Movement. (*Treatments vary on a case by case basis.)


8:00 AM | Good-morning Elixir

9:00 AM |  Pre-Body-Movement juice

12:00 PM | Lunch smoothie

3:00 PM | Afternoon juice

6:00 PM | Early evening broth

Soothing and grounding Detox Tea will be served throughout the day.


Price: $1,800