In this private retreat, Dr. Etti will guide your personal journey to wellness by creating a detox program customized to suit your individual needs. Dr. Etti's methods has won the most adherents because the following key components of her formula perfectly complement each other to deliver unarguable results.

Over the course of a weekend, you will experience beautiful, secluded accommodations, fresh juices, smoothies, teas, tonics, and treatments. Designed especially for you, the juices you will enjoy will nourish your body and serve as a vehicle to remove the accumulated physical toxins, thanks to the abundance of essential vitamins, trace minerals and enzymes they contain, which your body needs to cleanse, detoxify and renew itself at a cellular level. Tea and other tonics will be served throughout the day. 

Rejuvenating treatments will be provided throughout your retreat and will allow for deep, cellular drainage and recovery. You will have the opportunity to balance the spine and increase blood flow and metabolism on the CHI machine. The LBG machine will allow for even deeper lymphatic detoxification, while the far infrared will promote deep cellular detoxification and healing. Guided breath work and meditation will elevate your experience, as you connect with the life force within you. 

The retreat will close in a breaking of the fast with delicious, wholesome, organic foods prepared by Dr. Etti. As you celebrate your new relationship with food and yourself, Dr. Etti will provide you with post-treatment tools designed to support you as you continue your journey. A private, guided juice cleanse retreat with Dr. Etti will rejuvenate, relax, and reawaken you as you step into a beautiful, vibrant lifestyle.

On the Saturday morning before our final sexi Juicing meeting and delicious organic meal served at Etti’s home, I went to our 18 year old daughter, Chanel (who like most 18 year olds can be quite a challenge), and I gave her the biggest, warmest heart hug known to mankind. After a few minutes she lifted her head, looked at me and said: ‘Who died?’ I said ‘no one…we have been reborn.’ Thank you, Etti, for your love and selflessness.
— Ray & Nadine
Dr. Etti has helped me get back on a new path of well being and vitality. I crave healthy, whole and nutritious food that fills my body and soul. It’s an amazing process and Dr. Etti is a most amazing person full of love and support for me and her detox groups.
— Matthew C.
After 6 months of working one-on-one with Dr. Etti, I am a true believer of Detox. Going through the horrible effects of what cancer treatment does to your body, I can without a doubt say that without Etti’s guidance and care, it would have all been so much worse. I kept my weight on, my skin never looked better and I slept like a baby.
— Brian L.
When I began the detox, I had no idea I was actually embarking on my journey of life, I learned so much about my inner soul — what makes me tick and what literally makes me sick. An amazing lightness of energy and glow began to transpire inside of me. I have tried other detox but never had the kind of success I had with Dr. Ben-Zion’s program. Sharing this experience with a group of like-minded people was the BEST.Dr. Etti has transformed myself and life! Just DO IT! You will never feel better!
— sonia f.
My body feels much lighter and cleaner; my skin is brighter, softer, more vibrant, my eyes are clear and bright, and I have more energy, I sleep better, am more productive and focused. I’m inspired to write and paint more. Thank you so much for this experience, Etti. I cannot remember ever feeling this pure. I turn 50 next week and this was my gift to myself.
— Catherine M.
Dear Dr. Etti: Thank you doesn’t begin to express the gift of life and health you have helped me discover. Six days into my juice detox and my eyes are bright, my skin has a shine, my hair is soft, and although I cannot see it-I am certain my colon has healed.I have energy, happiness, and songs in my heart. All of this was always there, but sometimes in life we stay off the path and need a guide back. You have been that guide for me.
— Philip R.