SEXi Juicing cleanse program 

Combining her expertise as a Doctor of Holistic Nutrition and a psychotherapist, Dr. Etti has created SEXi Juicing, a practical and authentic adaptation of juice fasting—an ancient practice of purification and weight management—that clears away the distractions and impediments that modern life imposes on mind, body and soul. Through this program, Dr. Etti has guided many hundreds of people reached their various goals, whether weight loss, a healthier lifestyle, or a stronger, more vital spiritual and emotional life during the past 15 years. 

Dr. Etti has had great success in alleviating or eliminating the following common conditions:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Constant Fatigue or Low Energy
  • Constipation
  • Depression and Moodiness
  • Edema
  • Excess Weight
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Gas & Bloating
  • Reduced Sexual Desire

SEXi Juicing is not a diet. It is a guided juice cleanse program that helps you shift to a healthier way of living. Instead of facing the drudgery of dieting, you will embark on a life-changing experience. While fad diets emphasize only weight loss, SEXi Juicing integrated modalities of body, mind and spirit into a simple program to support a fundamental lifestyle change. You will experience improved energy, mental clarity, self-love and empowerment, all of which will have profound and lasting impacts on every facet of your life. In fact, SEXi Juicing could be the most rewarding challenge you've ever taken on. Click here to read these inspiring real-life success stories to see how SEXi Juicing has transformed people’s lives.

SEXi is not a typo either. Juicing has never felt so sexy, as the program guides you to get in touch with your vital life force, your own SEXi self. The “I” in "SEXi" is Dr. Etti’s redefinition of “sexy,” a unique approach to affirming and embracing who each of us truly is. Learn more from Dr. Etti’s book, “SEXi Juicing: Dr. Etti’s simple guide to SEXi and Juicy living”  for a deeper understanding of this redefinition.

SEXi Juicing’s integrated formula has transformed many people's lives.  Are you ready for the transformation?

Now the program comes with two different options: one-day group cleanse and two-day private cleanse. 

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A personal invitation from Dr. Etti

Dear Beautiful Souls:

It’s my passion to inspire and guide people to discover the "secret" to longevity, vitality and happiness—the power that lies in each and every one of us.  By listening and being in our bodies, we honor and unleash the power that lives in us; once unleashed, we can experience the empowerment and freedom we’ve never felt before.

I wanted to assist you in discovering and liberating the you from within through a juice cleanse regiment. This was how my SEXi Juicing program was born. A talented sculptor has the ability to envision the finished statue that lies inside a block of marble. Essentially that is what I seek to accomplish through my SEXi juicing program: rather than creating a new you, I guide you to liberate the you that’s hidden under layers of distractions and impediments that modern life imposes on body, mind, and soul. The juice you drink and cleanse you embark on is a vehicle to get you closer and closer to the hidden you; it initiates a journey that will eventually bring you back into balance and create a life filled with energy, vitality, focus, spirituality, and fulfillment. I had many many clients who courageously started this journey had achieved that.

My psychotherapy professor told me once that as soon as his client steps into his office, he falls in love with him/her. No questions asked just unconditional love and support.  At first, I thought it’s bizarre and now decades later, as a psychotherapist after treating couples, kids, families, dealing with wide range of issues and now as a doctor of holistic nutrition facilitating juice cleanse groups, I find myself doing the same. I fall in love over and over again.

I look into my clients’ eyes and find their soul.  Yes, they lose weight and become slimmer; their skin look more supple, smooth, and radiant, but it is the change on the emotional and spiritual level makes them “glow.”  On their face the lines disappear and they regain a youthful complexion, their eyes look brighter and their smile brighter... The lightness of their body and clarity in their mind that transpire during the cleanse is a miraculous process that unfolds in front of my eyes. I have been teaching SEXi Juicing for over fifteen years. Words are not enough to describe such physical, emotional, and psychological transformations I have seen. And the best part?—the impacts on every facet of their life that are derived from this transformation are profound and lasting even after the cleanse concludes.

I cherish and respect every step my clients make on their path to greater health and fulfillment. Knowing that I am here as a vehicle for that unique beautiful individual to find his or her special calling and true essence is the most rewarding feeling to me.

I LOVE what I do and I invite you to allow this self-discovery journey of yours begin.

 Love & light,

Dr. Etti