Dr. Etti's Two-Day Juice Cleanse Private Retreat

Dr. Etti's Two-Day Juice Cleanse Private Retreat


Included in the price:

  • One night accommodation at a tranquil waterfront setting

  • Two-day customized juice cleanse plan entirely based on your individual 

  • One-hour in-depth pre-cleanse assessment

  • Pre-cleanse diet, emotional preparation and life style coaching prior to Retreat

  • Fresh, delicious and detoxifying juice, tea and smoothie made fresh by Dr. Etti

  • Holistic healing treatments that facilitate deep cellular drainage and recovery, deeper lymphatic detoxification and restoring proper functioning of the body's immune system defense. Treatments* include Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Therapy, CHI Machine, LBG Machine, Trampochi® Bouncing Routine, Inversions Chair, Vibration Therapy, Breath Work, Meditation and Energy Movement.

  • Dr. Etti’s Complete Detox Kit includes supplements and tools that aid your cleanse, including VitalzymeX (Systemic Enzymes Restoration), Waiora (Natural Cell Defense), Triphala (Bowel Activity Renewal), Enema Kit, Tongue Cleanser, Detox Tea

  • Detailed, easy to understand juice cleanse manuals, including Pre-Detox, Detox, and Post-Detox information.

  • A copy of Dr. Etti’s book: SEXi Juicing

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