a "heart hug"

Dr. Etti's clientsfondly referred by her as "Sexi Juicers"—during a group session. 

straight from Sexi juicers

“I lost 15 lbs. the first time I did the detox with Dr. Etti, and 5 lbs. the second time. I have kept this weight off. I have lost two pant sizes! My stomach is flatter, my face and neck are thinner. Frankly, it is a boost for losing weight for anyone.  Etti's technique is realistic and easy to maintain.”

    —S. Cohen

“I have more energy and have noticed a lot of the physical things that bothered me before the program have now disappeared. Aches and pains, digestive problems and fatigue have all been resolved. My wife lost 7 lbs., and I lost 10 during the detox, and we continue to lose weight as we apply the information provided by Etti’s program.”

—K. Doran

“My body feels much lighter and cleaner; my skin is brighter, softer and more vibrant. My eyes are clear and bright, and I have more energy, I sleep better, am more productive and focused. I’m inspired to write and paint more. Thank you so much for this experience, Etti. I cannot remember ever feeling this pure.

—C. Murphy

“When I began Etti’s program, I had no idea I was actually embarking on my journey of life...I have tried other body- cleansing programs but never had the kind of success I had with Dr. Etti’s program. I learned so much about my inner soul—what makes me tick and what literally makes me sick. An amazing lightness of energy and glow began to transpire inside of me. Sexi Juicing has transformed me and my life! Just DO IT! You will never feel better!”

 —Sonia F.

"Going through the horrible effects of what cancer treatment does to my body, I can without a doubt say that without Dr. Etti’s guidance and care it would have all been so much worse. After completing Etti’s juicing program, I kept my weight on, my skin never looked better, and I slept like a baby.”

—B. Long

Sexi Juicing has helped me get back on a new path of well-being and vitality. I crave healthy, whole and nutritious food that fills my body and soul. It's an amazing process, and Dr. Etti is a most amazing person full of love and support for me and her detox groups.”

—M. Comer

“Dear Dr. Etti: 'Thank you' doesn’t begin to express the gift of life and health you have helped me discover. Six days into my juice cleansing and my eyes are bright, my skin has a shine, my hair is soft, and although I cannot see it, I am certain my colon has healed. I have energy, happiness and songs in my heart. You have been that guide for me.”

— Philip R.

“I have lost 23 lbs. and I’m feeling great. I’m training for my climb in January, and I can’t wait to do another detox again!”

—A. Miniachi

“I never thought I could go without processed sugar for longer than a day. But after going through Dr. Etti's WEEKLONG juice cleansing—I realized I could be happier and even have more energy, and I know I can do anything I am ready for.”

—L. Martinez

“Sure I lost weight, but the main benefit of the program for me really is ONE YEAR of no coffee, Splenda or sweetener or soda!! I’m celebrating ONE YEAR without all that stuff this month!”

—S. Buckley

“Dear Dr. Etti: I am different today. Somehow your words became my reality. A drink is eating. My stomach is the size of my fist and needs no more. Greener is cleaner. I used to be etsy ketsy and now I’m very cherry…While your content was excellent, I think the essence of your magic was your being. The truth be known, I was a meat and potatoes boy who identified with Woody Allen in Annie Hall when he's in a California health-food restaurant and says with wry disdain, 'I'll have the alfalfa sprouts.' And I have an allergic reaction to people who talk about eating healthy. Yet you commanded my trust by your authenticity, your gentle, playful tone, and your style.  

  —R. Meyer

"I was on the sixth day of Dr. Etti’s seven-day detox program when a friend commented that I was “youthing” before her very eyes. When I realized the depth of this truth, I knew that Dr. Etti’s Sexi Juicing program was a life-affirming experience on many levels.

Not only did I look “radiant,” but I also reconnected with my inner radiance at a deeper level than before. There was a “lightness of being” on both a physical and level. I had tons of energy and was never hungry, which amazed me as I love to eat! I attribute the lack of hunger to Dr. Etti’s unique blend of juices and smoothies that provide maximum health benefits each day. And, on the seventh day, I had my first meal. It may sound odd to some, but for me it was a profound and sacred experience.

I also released a daily coffee addiction that I had for 30 years of drinking four cups on average per day. Prior to this program, I never thought of morning without coffee—and now I don’t think of it at all! I feel calmer, more centered and healthier without it.

My physical changes:

  • Size loss—Clothes are looser, and I went down a size
  • Skin—glowing
  • Hair—more shine
  • Eyes—not only whiter, but the pressure in my eye (I have glaucoma) was down
  • Sleep—Heart-felt peaceful at bedtime; before, I could feel my heart racing when I was ready to sleep; that totally disappeared
  • Increase in my chi, my life force, which was quite apparent to all
  • Broke a caffeine addiction—used to drink four to five cups a day for 30 years

My metaphysical changes:

  • I felt far more attuned to the beauty of life and what was happening right in front of me
  • Centered in the present moment
  • Got more in touch with the "I" in Sexi Juicing
  • In touch with my luminousness
  • My Love Bucket was much fuller

Dr. Etti’s Sexi Juicing program was a life-affirming and transforming experience on many levels. Not only did I lose weight, sleep without my heart racing, look radiant, I also felt a 'lightness of being on both a physical and a metaphysical level. The energy I had was off the charts."

— J. Byrne

“Thank you so much for getting me into the (Sexi Juicing) program with Dr. Etti. I felt so much more alive, healthier and stronger. It was a hard yet fun week to see so many people share the same feelings about eating healthier.”

 —R. Martinez

“Thank you so much for your teaching, enthusiasm and a lot of fun. I AM really enjoying this profound spiritual journey.”

—B. Saez

“I am a new woman after Sexi Juicing, both inside and out...breathing deeply and feeling so alive…I am SO grateful for all that you contribute to making your community, and indeed this world, a very much healthier, and therefore better, place.”

—C. Farnsworth

“I just got back from Disney. Oh my! What a 360 from the vibe of the juice cleansing we just completed! But we managed to eat healthy, and I even got some warrior moves in! I cannot thank you enough for doing what you do. The morning sessions and the coming-off-fast breakfast really got to me. I have been flirting with this kind of eating and the connections for years—and I felt like I heard everything you were saying in a different way this time.  Your energy and way of teaching and the spirit is so inspiring, and I am truly grateful.”

—A. Gross

“Update from the Valme household…We have not had a cup of coffee—in 25 days, and we were true espresso/cappuccino addicts. We skin-brush every day, try to do our breathing exercises, and certainly appreciate what we eat and how thankful we are about life more than ever. No doubt there are daily challenges, but when we take a few minutes to reflect on what we learned and lean on our inner strength, we are reminded that we can accomplish ANYTHING. Oh, and of course we try to heart-hug as often as possible, which also leads me to share this heart-hug story with you.

On the Saturday morning before our final Sexi Juicing meeting and delicious organic meal, I went to our 18-year-old daughter, Chanel (who like most 18 year olds can be quite a challenge), and I gave her the biggest, warmest heart-hug known to mankind. After a few minutes, she lifted her head, looked at me and said: ‘Who died?’ And I said, ‘No one...we have been reborn.’ Thank you, Etti, for your love and selflessness.”

—R. Valme