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Dr Smood
Michael B. Jordan

Announcing the newest Dr Smood partner, actor and movie director, Michael B. Jordan. We have been working together to continue to craft new exciting and innovative health-conscious products for the world to benefit from. Our debut collaboration, MOSS, is a functional sea moss beverage that is already available across 450 retailers (and counting) in the US.  


The Nutrition Expert

Ester Ben Zion is a health-food alchemist and lifestyle coach with decades of experience in nutrition and wellness. Ester is a founding member of the Dr Smood team and has been leading the Research and Development department since the companys' birth in 2014.

Over her career, she has helped thousands of people reach their various health-related goals, including weight loss, a healthier lifestyle or a stronger, more vital spiritual and emotional life. In the process, she has become South Florida’s most admired and respected detox and cleansing expert.

Dr Etti partners with Dr Smood
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"Detoxification is a process of purification and rejuvenation that can lead to higher states of awareness and consciousness."

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