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Radical Self Acceptance

What makes a person SEXi?

How they love themself and enjoy their life. Having a good time is attractive, no matter what brings you joy, that joy is beautiful. When you're in delight, it’s enchanting and draws people in to enjoy your light.


SEXi juicing is about loving yourself from the inside out. Juice cleansing can ignite your own personal transformation that will reconnect you to yourself again and strip away the negative connotations you have regarding the word, sexy. 

A juicing cleanse is a process that enables your body, your mind and your soul to purge and to rest. 


SEXi juicing is a guidebook for a journey into every cell of your body to detox out the toxins, emotional baggage or anything else that drags you down. It’s a journey towards enlightenment that will create shifts in your life. Each time you do the SEXi juicing program these shifts in consciousness, change your perception about yourself, the world, and ultimately your life. 


Live foods in organic juices, bring a higher consciousness into your temple, the body, and help you remember your divinity.

SEXi Juicing with Dr Etti

“I have made a remarkable observation during many years of supervising fasts. Many men have reported that they have experienced a renewed sexual vigor after seven, ten or more days of fasting.” – Dr. Paavo Airola, How to Keep Slim, Healthy, and Young with Juice Fasting.

When we think of detoxing, we think of health. We don’t often think about detoxing for better, longer lasting orgasms and more stimulating intimacy. The latest statistics for America show that 43% of women have some type of sexual dysfunction, and 52% of men between the ages of forty to seventy years old have impotence problems. Certainly there is no question that our nutrient-poor and high-fat diets, toxins, over-use of drugs and sexual performance enhancers, plus high-pressured lifestyles lead to low energy and little time for love. For women, it’s becoming an old and all too well known story.

In today’s world, most women have to be a “superwoman”. It is expected that women must play the varied roles of wife, lover, mother, wage-earner, chauffeur, caregiver, teacher, philanthropists, and volunteer. The multiple role pressures on women are enormous thus, women’s lifestyles are energy depleting. Over 80% of women visiting their doctors today put chronic fatigue at the top of the list as their main health problem. Low energy definitely interferes with a woman’s love life and sexuality.

A man’s libido absolutely depends on the state of his health. A healthy lifestyle has the greatest impact on his sexual ability and enjoyment. Every man can develop his sexual potential to its full potential, no matter what his age. Today’s fast-paced and highly volatile lifestyle seems to demand that men be Supermen. A man must be strong physically during workouts and sports, supportive emotionally in relationships, balanced under stress, mentally creative and quick, and sexually keen and virile. Whew! It’s no wonder that sexual dysfunction is happening to men at every age. It is a real problem. Sperm counts are down dramatically even in younger men.

When you feel sluggish, fatigued, irritated, and fat, do you really want to have sex or get intimate with someone? You can hardly stand yourself, much less connect intimately with someone else. Whether you are coupled, single, or somewhere in between, you only have one live life, and it’s time to live it to the fullest.

It is only a myth that people lose their sexual drive in later years. Although we change, men need not experience declining performance, poor responsiveness, or lack of libido. A full 80% of men who experience erection difficulty have an underlying physiological problem or medical complication. Most often, erectile dysfunction is a result of poor health or the side effects of medication.

“Bedroom fatigue” is not caused by old age, but by neglected, malnourished, and atrophied endocrine glands, which are responsible for deteriorating physical and sexual vitality. Premature signs of aging, loss of interest in sex, bulging waistline, all of these are signs of insufficiently functioning endocrine or sex glands and diminished sex hormone production. Fasting has an energizing, invigorating effect on the activity and functions of all organs and gland, including the functions of the endocrine glands. I have heard many reports of the rejuvenating and revitalizing effect of fasting on sexual vigor and ability. Sex urge is motivated by extra, surplus energy. A sick man is a poor lover. All his energy goes on trying to keep going, fighting chronic fatigue and pain. The ill man has no surplus energy left for sex. Fasting restores health, normalizes all body functions, wipes out pain and gives a new vitality and energy surplus. The renewed sexual drive is one of the surest indications that the health and strength have returned”. – Dr. Paavo Airola, How to Keep Slim, Healthy, and Young with Juice Fasting.

The power of love is the greatest gift in our lives – it is the supreme expression of one to another. Love and lovemaking are arguably the most potent expressions of human existence. Sexual intimacy with a loving partner brings nurturing and healing energy into our lives. It restores us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Does aging mean decreased sexuality? No! In fact, it may mean just the opposite, especially for women. Maturity brings experience and relaxation into sexuality. After menopause, most women feel far more spontaneous and much more connected to a loving partner.

After my divorce, I experienced a mini “sexual revolution” and allowed myself to let go of the “good wife” picture that I had in my mind. Finally, at forty years young, I started talking about and requesting what I wanted sexually. I felt I had a second chance and wanted to express myself sexually and find out how it feels to be fulfilled. I allowed myself to ask for what I wanted. It was challenging in the beginning, as I was not sure of what it was that I was asking for, but with a lot of self LOVE, patience and willingness to let go of my EGO and explore – I now enjoy a very fulfilling sex life and deep intimacy.

Today, I feel willing to explore love, sex and intimacy to open myself to the lover in me:

Open to feel the universe inside of me
Waves of ecstasy moving through me
sweeping me away farther and farther deeper into myself
and I find that the ocean is .inside of me.

- Dr. Etti –

Women suffer today from the “being lost” syndrome. Not really knowing where to turn to and losing their core essence – the Goddess. The divine glorious nectar that is the fluid of life – Ojas is a Sanskrit word, which literally means “vigor”. According to the principles of Ayurveda, it is the essential energy of the body, which can be equated, with the “fluid of life”. It’s the birth right of every one to feel SEXi – to connect with the deepest core of who they are and what they are truly hungry for and be able to communicate it to themselves and their intimate partner.

The sad truth is that many people do not realize that the act of making love is much more than just intercourse. Sex is the source of our life force. According to Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, the sex drive is our most important drive – it’s the “oomph” that powers our psyches. He called it libido, the Latin word for “I desire” (SEXi with an “i” also means “I desire”). However, before one can want sex, one must feel SEXi, and the quality or act of feeling SEXi is how you perceive yourself and your reality every moment of your life – it’s about being holistically SEXi. In other words, being SEXi is first and foremost the relationship you have with yourself. It starts by taking a good look in the mirror, finding the lover inside of you, and then making love to your divine essence. Love yourself! That is where deep transformation starts, by first going deep down and dirty into your cellular level to clean out the accumulated toxins through the juice cleanse and then reaching that divine place within. It starts by having a loving relationship with yourself. It’s all about me, myself and I. The trinity of thy self!

My SEXi Juicers, Danny and Mira (not their real names), have suffered from “bedroom fatigue” for nearly four years. Danny started having lower back problems due to gaining 30 pounds and just did into feel up to having sex with Mira. On the sixth day of their SEXi Juicing, Mira came in to our session smiling from ear to ear, looking radiant, and ten years younger. Danny couldn’t stop smiling either. He confessed that for the first time in years, he experienced a sex surge and had intercourse that lasted a long time. The next morning his wife Mira told him “whatever is in that juice, you should have more of it”.

It reminded me of the scene from the movie “When Harry met Sally”, where Sally is faking her orgasm in the restaurant. One of the women who had overheard Sally’s “hhhaas and hoosss” said to the waitress, “I’ll have what she is having”. Well, what you want is the JUICE. That juicy juice that will awaken every fiber of your being and shake you inside so deeply that you are not only able to think about making love, but able and willing whenever, wherever you wish.


If you want more intimacy, better sex, and to reach the Olympus of orgasmic bliss, you need to examine your relationship with your own body, mind, and spirit by asking yourself these questions:

  • Who am I?

  • How am I?

  • How do I perceive myself?

  • Do I love and accept myself totally and completely?

  • Am I taking good care of myself?

  • Am I being gentle, caring, and loving to myself? 

Then you must remind yourself of the following madras:

  • I am worthy

  • I am loved

  • I am safe

  • I am enough

  • I am blessed

  • I am divine

  • I am beautiful

  • I am________

Tell yourself: “I am here – hinéni. I am here with all of my being. I am present with my body, heart, mind, and soul to become, to fulfill my unlimited potential, to serve, to love, and to be loved”. These words connote something more than mere physical presence. The Hebrew word Hinéni means “I am here with all of my being, physically, and spiritually, ready to do what I need to do and to be fully present in the moment”.

Many of us have had the experience of having a meal with someone who answer their cell phones, send a text, or maybe even send out a tweet in the middle of a conversation. They may be with us physically, but they are not completely with us as their minds have transported them somewhere else. They’re not hinéni. not present.

“I am that I am” is the English translation of the Hebrew phrase, “Ehyeh asher ehyeh”, which literally translates as “I will be what I will be”. “I am the beginning, I am the ending, I am infinite. I am pure consciousness. I am the universe. I am everything. Everything is mine. I am the bod. The body is mine. I am the soul and the spirit. The soul and the spirit are mine. I am the creator of all things, and all things are mine. I am the window of the soul. The soul is me”.

Dr. David Hawkins, the Philosopher says: “The true destiny of man is to realize the truth of the divinity of one’s source and creator, which is ever present within that, which has been crated and is the creator of the Self. . . . At some point, the illusion breaks down and the opening for the start of the spiritual quest commences. The quest turns from without to within and the search for answers begins . . . We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.”

You need to realize that everything you see – the entire world – is simply a reflection of your essence and how you perceive yourself. You create your own reality, and the universe is your mirror. You control your thoughts. You can self-correct your thoughts. You create your thoughts and choose your feelings, actions, and creations. You must choose to connect with all that is good.

In order to see a beautiful image in that mirror, you need to create and appreciate the beauty within. Consequently, when you experience total and complete self-love and acceptance, you will be SEXi. The journey for you to discover your SEXi self is what the SEXi Juicing program is all about.

Once you discover your SEXi self, everything you do becomes an act of intimacy. It will lead you into orgasmic moments with yourself, your loves ones, your community, and the world.

Love nectar is the food of SEXi Juicers. Your inner juice and the organic juices you drink come together in a divine dance to bring out your spark and carry you into an organic-orgasmic experience.

Get ready for this ride, SEXi Juicer! This SEXi Juicing program will allow you to transform your new mindfulness into actions that reverberate throughout every aspect of your life.

Repeat the following affirmation:

“I totally and completely love and accept myself.”

Say it again and again. Repeat it 50 times today and tomorrow and every day from now on.



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