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Post Care


I am so proud that YOU have completed this amazing journey! I admire your commitment to making changes in your life and having the power to stay committed. I congratulate you on your accomplishment.

You experienced amazing energy, love, and connection as well as a sense of peach and lightness throughout this journey. Now remember how it feels and create those feelings every day in your life. This seven day journey has come to its end, but it is only the beginning of your lifelong journey towards a healthier and happier life.

Breaking the cleanse is one of the most important elements of the SEXi Juicing program. Properly and safely introducing solid food is vitally important. Please carefully read and follow these Post-Fast Recommendations. This information is critical to your continued good health.

The period immediately following the SEXi Juicing program is the best time to begin habits that will give you the feeling of having been reborn. These new habits are key for permanent good health. You should keep the momentum and let the transformation begin.

Now you know how far you can go.
Please use all the tools you have learned to continue evolving. The sky is NOT the limit!

Post Care


A wise person eases into a sensible food program. Easy does it if you want to continue feeling wonderful. Cleansing in effect, reeducates the body. The body unlearns habits of overeating and polluting and is “born again”. It wants only as much food as is required for maintenance. It prefers the kinds of foods that are natural in taste and harmonious to the digestive system. You should adhere to a careful feeding schedule for the same number of days you fasted. If you do this, you will be eating more selectively. A skill that will carry over when you begin a regular eating pattern.

SEXi Juicing Chapter 25 Post – Fast Recommendations! 141

Careful management of the food program should continue for at least two to three weeks after breaking the fast.


An optimal diet of whole, unprocessed foods is especially important for the first few weeks (or even months) after SEXi Juicing, when the body is regaining normal weight.

Give yourself whole, raw food, and your body will not welcome cooked food in which all of the enzymes have been destroyed along with many vitamins and minerals. In addition, cooking makes amino acids and fat less digestible and sometimes toxic.

Remember that the nutrients available in raw food exceed those in cooked food by several hundred percent. After a seven day cleanse, this is a critical time to decide which quality of tissue will you replace the tissue you have discarded?


  •  Do Breath of Fire before each meal to build your digestive fire (breathing from the nose only, in rapid even inhalation and exhalation for a few minutes).

  •  Make breakfast and lunch the biggest meals of the day

  •  Eat dinner early, no later than 8:00pm

  •  Exercise portion control

  •  Stay on a vegetarian diet for at least two weeks, post SEXi Juicing (no dairy, no red meat).

  •  Drink plenty of water (two quarts) throughout the day


Here is a list of supplements and there I recommend dosage for your post cleanse support.


Probiotics is good bacteria, normally found in the bowel. It supports food digestion. While enemas remove pathogens, they also remove some healthy bacteria from the colon. By taking probiotics, we replant healthy colon bacteria, and in this way prevent the pathogenic bacteria from taking hold. It is generally good to take probiotics throughout your entire life, because environmental stress regularly destroy healthy bacteria.

Dosage: Take twice the recommended dosage for at least three days after the fast. Take with food. Recommended for one month after the fast.


Golden Flax Seeds

Fax contains omega 3 and nutritional fiber. It is a super conductor of energy and helps renew bowel activity.


Dosage: Take three tablespoons of ground golden fax seeds per day.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties. Health conscious individuals prize coconut oil for its extremely high flash point (the point at which oils break down during heating), zero trans-fatty acids, and extremely rich source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs), which are broken down efficiently by the body, providing an immediate source of energy, and do not store as fat.

Dosage: Take one tablespoon of coconut oil per day, combined with the flax seeds. Together they help create long chains of omega 3. The combination of one tablespoon of flax seeds and tone tablespoon of coconut oil a day is highly recommend to take for your entire life.

Coconut Oil.jpeg


Perhaps the best herb for digestion;; ginger root prevents indigestion and abdominal cramping. Ginger also helps break down proteins, aiding the digestion process.

Dosage: Take half a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice before meals


Maintain all that you have accomplished on your SEXi Juicing journey and continue to expand your capabilities with healthier choices that will make you feel stronger and happier

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