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Shopping List

To prepare the variety of juices for the following six days of your SEXi Juicing program. I have made an overall list with the following “left over” items for your post cooked, raw, and smoothie recipes that you will prepare immediately following the completion of your SEXi Juicing program. I highly recommend using all organic ingredients whenever possible.

Organic Leafy Greens

Purchase one bunch or bag of the following Leaf Greens:

  • Kale

  • Spinach

  • Swiss chard

  • Rainbow chard

  • Collard Greens

There are several types of dark leafy greens. If the greens that recipes calls for are unavailable, substitute them with other greens.

Other Organic Vegetables


  • Celery - 3 bunches

  • Beet roots: - 4

  • Carrots - 8 medium sized

  • Cucumbers - 10-12 medium sized

Fresh Organic Fruits 


  • Apples - 8 (Green apples are more tart and red apples are sweeter)

  • Bananas - 4

  • Blueberries and / or strawberries - 2 pints fresh, if available (make sure they are super fresh as
    they tend to spoil quickly).

  • Red or White grapes - 2 pounds

  • Lemons and / or limes (at least 12 for the week)

  • Watermelon - 1

  • Papaya – 1, if available

  • Pineapple – 1

If fresh organic fruits are unavailable or too expensive, substitute them with bagged, frozen, organic varieties or any fruits that are seasonal.


Organic Condiments

  • Cayenne pepper

  • Himalayan crystal sale

  • Turmeric powder

Others (All organic)


  • Hemp or almond milk – 2 cartons

  • Raw cacao powder or nibs – 1 Bag

  • Xylitol or stevia – 1 box or liquid

  • Raw coconut cream – 1 jar



Adding the cleansing condiments listed below will perk up the taste of your juice and aid your detox process

Ideally, you should consume juice as soon as possible; if you must prepare juice ahead of time (to take to work or for a trip), you may leave the juice in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

Shake will before you drink the juice.





Cayenne - Stimulates circulation, cleanses the digestive tract, stimulates digestion, and boosts the immune system.


Ginger - Anti-inflammatory, promotes circulation, boosts the immune system and aids in digestion.


Himalayan Crystal Salt - Helps hydrate and re-mineralize the body


Lemon Juice - Antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobial. Boosts the immune system, breaks down mucus, stimulates gall blader and liver. Improves mineral absorption, promotes peristalsis in intestines, and alleviates intestinal gas, bloating, pain and flatulence. 


Tumeric - Powerful antioxidant, benifical for the liver and skin. Helps lower LDL cholesterol levels and aids digestion.



Juices are a very vital form of Parana, or ‘life force’. Their life enhancing properties will nourish every cell in your body. Hold the juice close to the solar plexus and take a few moments to breathe deeply before you take your first sip of this liquid nectar.

As you take a sip, become aware of how the juice reawakens your body. It gives burst a burst of energy and a heightened sense of well-being. Swoosh the juice around in your mouth and let your taste buds savor fully its delicious taste and texture. They not to talk. Instead, try to imagine the juice becoming one with our blood and flowing through your system, feeding your internal organs with vital nutrients.

Take your time. Enjoy this unique experience . . . as the juice jump starts your journey to greater health and vitality.

You will drink your juice in three hour intervals during the program.



Here is a list of supplements and there I recommend dosage for your post cleanse support.


Probiotics is good bacteria, normally found in the bowel. It supports food digestion. While enemas remove pathogens, they also remove some healthy bacteria from the colon. By taking probiotics, we replant healthy colon bacteria, and in this way prevent the pathogenic bacteria from taking hold. It is generally good to take probiotics throughout your entire life, because environmental stress regularly destroy healthy bacteria.

Dosage: Take twice the recommended dosage for at least three days after the fast. Take with food. Recommended for one month after the fast.

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