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Hello beautiful:

My story starts in Kfar-Saba, a rural farming village in Israel. It is a beautiful region, full of growth nourished by a strong sun and healthy soil, and it is there that I spent my childhood establishing a connection with Mother Earth. 

Life eventually took me to New York City and I found myself swept up in a race to survive. Years later, feeling unhealthy in my mind, body, and soul, I began craving a return to my roots and desiring change in my life. 

I am sharing my story in my book, SEXi Juicing: Dr. Etti's Simple Guide to SEXi and Juicy Living, to be of service to others who want to own, heal, and transform their lives. So many of us are operating at less than we are capable of, sacrificing our physical and mental heath and emotional well-being for the sake of keeping up with a society that fails to focus on what truly matters: conscious living. 

I strongly believe, however, that our world is evolving. We are realizing a need for change - in our politics, our environment, and our personal lives - and are desperately attempting to connect to our roots. You, dear reader, are a testament to this belief. The words written in my little internet corner of this universe are meant to inspire you to aspire to be the best version of yourself. 

I believe in us and in our journeys.

Love and light,

Dr. Etti